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Invisible Ink: A Practical Guide to Build Stories that Resonate – Book Summary and Notes

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Chapter 1

What is invisible ink?

Chapter 2

Seven easy steps to a better story

Once upon a time...

Until one day...

And because of this...

And because of this...

Until finally...

And ever since that day...

Chapter 3

The armature

Joke exercise

What it means to dramatize an idea

"Bundle of sticks"

Theme beats logic

The use of clones

Chapter IV

Ritual pain

Personal hell exercise

The crucifixion

From butterfly to caterpillar


Characters who don't change

Killing the protagonist

Chapter V

Tell the truth

The masculine and the feminine

Drama in real life

The myth of the genre


God from the machine

Supporting plots (subplots)

Slave, not master

Chapter VI


Sounding natural

Address and dismiss

Address and explain

Chapter VII


Show them once so they know

Chapter VIII

When bad things happen to good stories

How to translate critiques

Judging your own work

Chapter IX

Good stories, good business

Chapter X

My own process

White Face

Tell them what you told them